Students’ short film promotes the power of asking ‘Hello, How Are You?’

Some very talented young people have kindly lent their award-winning short film to the Hello, How Are You? campaign to promote the importance of connection and open conversations about mental health.

Dmitrijs Postojevs, Evan Millar, Cathal Murphy, Fionn Nolan, Brian Murphy, Ciaran Delaney, Mateusz Polinski, Brandan Mashamba, Bobby McKeown and John O’ Neill – students of St Mary’s CBS Enniscorthy – are winners of the ‘Expressions’ Competition which was run by the Wexford Mental Health Association on February 8th in the Riverside Hotel.

The students  were given the task of expressing what mental health means to them through the medium of their choice.

The students made a short movie, directed by the very talented Dmitrijs with Cathal and Evan in the main roles. They also made a display depicting a wall as a barrier to talking about your feelings and a garden of hope depicting where one can turn to for help.

Brian, Fionn and Ciaran wrote an amazing speech about the stigmas attached to mental health, the importance of talking and sharing your feelings, the facts and figures associated with male mental health.

“It was a lovely experience, from our first lunchtime meeting to making the film to the competition. We’re so glad to have the opportunity to spread our message through the Hello, How Are You? campaign,” said Dmitrijs

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