What is the 'Hello, How Are You' Campaign?

Hello, How Are You? is a campaign about connection and engaging in open conversations about mental health. The campaign asks individuals, communities, workplaces, friends & family to say Hello and ask the question ‘How Are You?’ in a meaningful way. Asking this small question and having one conversation can make a real difference in someone’s life. Creating, maintaining and staying connected with others helps tackle loneliness, creates a sense of belonging and purpose and builds relationships.

You don’t need to be an expert to have a meaningful conversation. By using the HELLO Steps you can feel supported in asking the question. Let’s make saying Hello and asking How Are You? an everyday question that keeps us connected.

H is for Hello, E is for Engage, L is for Listen, L is for Learn, O is for Options.

Impact & Benefits Of Saying Hello, How Are You?

Mental Health Ireland anticipates this campaign:
  • Improving awareness & understanding of mental health
  • Normalising and increasing confidence in starting conversations about mental health
  • Reducing loneliness and enhancing connections for people
  • Expanding signposting to services
  • Creating a greater sense of community
  • Leading to earlier help-seeking / help-finding

Mental Health Support Survey

In January 2023, Mental Health Ireland commissioned Behaviour and Attitudes to carry out an online Omnibus survey in a representative sample of Irish people. The aim of the survey was to find out more about issues such as social support, help-seeking, and confidence in having conversations in the Irish population. This information informs the resources we produce and what we do as part of the Hello How Are You campaign.

To download a PowerPoint Presentation of the survey findings, simply click on the image below.
Black man with beard and black jeans and a cream jumper holding a pink sign that has H on it. Man is smiling and has a beard.
White woman with wine coloured top and blue jeans holding an organge sign with E on it. Woman is smiling and has two tone hair, brown and blonde.